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COVID 19 (Corona Virus Travel Update)


We are thinking about you and hope you and your family are staying healthy and happy during these unprecedented times.

As we all try to cope with what is now the new normal, we hope it brings you comfort to know that you are part of a caring and understanding community that shares a love of being in the outdoors and, in particular, spending time in the mountains. 

As of May 3, 2021, the Colorado governor executive order that requires people to wear a medical or non-medical face covering due to the presence of COVID-19 in the state, is set to be in place until May 28th, 2021. In addition to the statewide requirements, Eagle County's updated order includes the following local provisions: Restaurants may operate at 50% of the posted occupancy limit indoors, not to exceed 50 people, excluding staff, whichever is less, per room. Eagle county continues face covering requirements in indoor public spaces for those over the age of Two, with limited exceptions.

We want everyone to stay safe and we are doing several things at The Christie Lodge to stay prepared:

Front Desk & Lobby:

New procedures will greatly reduce guest contact with personnel through a redesigned check-in and check-out process. Please bring a face covering with you and expect to use it in all in-door, public common areas in Colorado per the recent state-Wide ordinance. 

Public Areas:

PUBLIC AREAS:  are receiving additional sanitizing aligned with the most recent COVID-19 sanitizing recommendations.

FITNESS ROOM : Currently open from 7am- 9pm and is restricted to three occupants at a time. A face covering must be worn at all times.

GAME ROOM:  Currently open from 9am- 9pm and is restricted to two occupants at a time. A face covering must be worn at all times.

PING PONG TABLES:  Located in Building One. Paddles and balls available at the front desk and are sanitized after each use. Hours of play from 9am to 9pm.

SWIMMING POOL & HOT TUBS:  Our outdoor pool and hot tub  and our three indoor hot tubs are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to  9:00 p.m.  Pool towels are available by the pool and hot tub areas.   50% occupancy limits due to COVID-19. The indoor pool is currently closed.

We hope to have our social activities back in place once our current state mandated restrictions are lifted.  

Hotel Staff Protocols:

Hotel staff will follow strict CDC guidelines, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), along with frequent hand-washing protocols.

Employee workstations and work areas will be cleaned and sanitized during and after every shift.

Educating our employees to know they should stay at home and seek medical advice if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms.

Housekeeping Services:

Housekeeping staff will wear both gloves and a mask and will only enter units upon departure.  We will provide/deliver additional sheets, towels, bathroom amenities, coffee and trash pick-up upon request.

New cleaning protocols have been implemented in all guest rooms. Once cleaning begins, the entire guest space will be cleaned with CDC approved chemicals aimed at eliminating COVID-19.

We will reduce exposure-points in all units by removing unnecessary items, such as paper notepads/pens and utilizing disposable products like salt and pepper shakers.


Outdoor recreation businesses and guided tours are operating with social distancing requirements in place.

Most Dine-in service at restaurants are open with either carry out or a reduced capacity operation.

Preventing a resurgence of COVID-19 in Eagle County requires all individuals and businesses to comply with the mandatory provisions of the most recent health order. All persons in Eagle County are requested to assume additional personal responsibility and adopt the Five Commitments of Containment to keep transmission of the illness low.

* will maintain six feet of physical distance. (Physical distance is one of the most effective         prevention measures).
I will wash my hands often. (Especially after visiting public settings, businesses, and before eating or touching my face).
I will cover my face in public. I will wear a face covering whenever I may not be able to  maintain  my physical distance from others and will wear a face covering when entering an indoor  public environment, like a grocery store or post office. Face coverings are not a substitute for  maintaining physical distance.
*   I will stay home when I am sick. Isolating myself from others, including my household members, will help protect them and limit the spread.
I will get tested immediately if I have Symptoms. Testing early after Symptoms develop can help prevent spreading COVID-19 to other people.

We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide a safe experience for our employees, owners and guests.  Please call us at 888-325-6343 if you have specific questions. We thank you for your support ❤️

Many improvements are happening throughout The Christie Lodge - All Suite Property, Vail Valley/Beaver Creek.  We hope to see you here soon. 

Many improvements are happening throughout The Christie Lodge - All Suite Property, Vail Valley/Beaver Creek

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